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Methadone is a legal substitute for heroin and other narcotics and is very effective as well. Developed by German scientists, it is being used since early 1960’s and helps to quit various forms of drug addictions. However, it is not an overnight treatment but is a long term process. Specified oral doses of Methadone over a period of time can significantly decrease one’s cravings for drugs and eventually eliminate usage of drugs. A major advantage is that methadone is not addictive as a patient can stop taking them at will and is non sedative and medically safe. Methadone dose is directly proportional to the quantity of drug consumed by the patient; however, an average dose is of 80 to 120 milligrams per day. It is very necessary to maintain adequate doses of methadone to get a good response from its therapy. There are about 20 drug treatment centers listed under the category of Methadone Maintenance in Washington.

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