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It is often an uphill battle for a drug addict to attempt to overcome the addiction successfully. The South Carolina government is currently taking a firmer stand in ensuring those needing support to beat the addiction are given as many options as possible to help them get started. Methadone maintenance is one of the more popular methods used to help the heroin addict start the journey towards recovery. Conclusive studies have been able to prove the effectiveness of using methadone to help in many areas such as dramatically decreasing the dependency on drugs and a decline in involvement with criminal activities. This in turn produces encouraging and positive data that shows a general overall improvement in the individual’s life. The methadone maintenance programs help these addicts break free from negative behavioral tendencies like bouts of disruptive behavior, uncontrolled outbursts and compulsive disorders. The South Carolina government is still working towards educating people of the merits of considering methadone maintenance, although there is still a stigma attached to this form of treatment.

Our website is also trying to feature information that will help the visitor understand the merits of trying methadone maintenance programs. By providing information that is accurate and in line with the government’s efforts, it is hoped, that the addict and family members will use the methadone maintenance facilities provided.
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