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Youth are often a rather misunderstood segment of society. There are many expectations on this group, yet in most cases there is very little support that can help them achieve the expectations in true successful forms. Often plagued with pressures from surrounding elements, youth sometimes find themselves unable to cope and unfortunately tend to turn to negative forms of help to produce the results expected of them. These negativities usually take on the form of substance abuse, alcohol and other negative and damaging outlets that allow them to have the confidence and the energy needed to keep ahead of the rest. The Ohio education and medical authorities are trying to work in tandem to provide physical and mental support to this age group to ensure their problems are better handled and that they have the necessary positive resources to turn to when there are problems. Establishing various programs that encourage youth participation is one of the ways to get positive messages across and to make these youth understand that they are not alone in their problems.

Our website is designed around the same theme of ensuring the youth get the assistance, information and support they need. The information is also designed to be entertaining and exciting as this is the style most youth are drawn to.
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