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Use of illicit drugs is increasing in Ohio. Not only will you find marijuana; cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and prescription drugs are also present. However, use of marijuana has been leading in illicit drugs but according to Newsroom website, heroin abuse in Ohio is increasing rapidly. In fact, children as young as 13 years are using the drug. The drug’s use is increasing due to its cheap price and ready availability. It is less expensive as opposed to prescription opioids plus the reformulation of Oxycontin which made it harder for people to abuse. Availability of heroin is higher in Cleveland than it is in Dayton as per the data available for the past 6 months. Heroin related deaths increased from 16% in 2008 to 20% in 2009 and 22% in 2010. This was a rise of 233 persons in 2008 to 338 in 2010. According to recovery centers in Ohio, most of their heroin patients started with painkillers which turned into heroin injections.

These patients, however, required a lot of help and care to help fight their addiction as many did not like what they had become. Dayton is one city with more heroin and other drug rehab clinics which helps individuals overcome drug abuse. With the help of our directory, you will have the right rehabilitation program.
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