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The drug addiction scene in Massachusetts is seen to be getting worse when compared with the rest of the country. Four times the number of cases of heroin is seen in Massachusetts when compared to the rest of the country, according to SAMHSA estimates. The problem needs to be analyzed with dual diagnosis, where both mental health and substance abuse treatment are integrated. Dual diagnosis treatment is offered at many of the rehabilitation centers featured in our directory. This is a comprehensive treatment for both alcohol and drug treatment. Accurate diagnosis is very important in addiction centers to distinguish between the psychiatric symptoms caused by alcohol and drugs and basic psychiatric disorders in the person, known as dual diagnosis.

We offer a directory of such centers located in Massachusetts, where there are several patients who desperately require alcohol or drug treatment and counseling. The centers offer support and long term as well as short-term intervention programs. The treatment provided at the rehab centers you will see in our directory offer both integrated mental health as well as substance abuse treatment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you or anyone known to you is in need of treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.
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