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The Access to Recovery program began in 2003. Initiated by the last Bush administration, it is run by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). The Access to Recovery program is a voucher system that provides those who need treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction with vouchers to pay for community-based treatment programs. In this way, the program ensures that those who need it have access to the treatment they need, and that the treatment is affordable.

Clinical treatment and recovery support services are both funded under the Access to Recovery program. Recovery support services generally aid employment efforts and placement, provide housing support, family support and coordinating support groups. Recovery support services are provided by volunteers and community-based staff. Clinical treatment involves counseling, both individual and group counseling, screening for substance dependence issues, medication-assisted therapy and treatment for medical issues. Our website has a complete list of treatment centers in Indiana. If you have been delaying treatment for substance abuse issues due to worries about the expense, browse our website to see which treatment facilities are associated with the Access to Recovery program. Do not put off seeking treatment any longer. A path to a sober life is open for you with the Access to Recovery Program.
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