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Having access to treatment and facilities for substance abuse or addiction is important for both the person suffering and the people around them. However, not everyone is covered by insurance. In Colorado one may be eligible for Medicaid health insurance if you are a U.S. citizen, a low income family, are a child, pregnant, blind or disabled, or elderly. The Medicaid scheme gives a person access to health insurance. According to the information on the Medicaid website, in 2009 702,239 people in Colorado were enrolled for Medicaid. In that year over 3 billion dollars in Medicaid was paid for the medical treatment of people in Colorado.

Some struggling with a drug addiction or substance abuse want to get help, but don't know how to afford it. It is important to get the professional help for managing a chronic relapsing disease like addiction. Many people struggle to do it on their own, particularly detoxing, coping with withdrawals, resisting relapse, and getting community and peer support. Finding out what funding and schemes are available in your state can be helpful. If you do qualify for Medicaid, there are substance abuse facilities and services in Colorado that accept Medicaid insurance. The Medicaid insurance is paid directly to the provider, not the individual. For a list of facilities that accept Medicaid insurance please visit our website.
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