2015 Drug Trends in Washington

2015 Drug Trends in Washington

Washington State is one of the Pacific states, and these states are known for being a little more laid back and liberal. Some East Coast natives may even call them “hippies.” That being said, it seems to have gone into the way that many people have associated with and lived around drug use. Washington has a number of drug issues that happen throughout the state, and we’re going to look at three of the big ones that are going to be in the spotlight throughout 2015.


Meth is known to be one of the most widely used substances throughout the state of Washington. Not only is there a large amount available, but there have been several busts of labs in the state in the past few years. It’s estimated that more people abuse meth than any other drug, but with the changes in the legality of marijuana (which we will talk about below), that may change as we go into 2016. Meth has resulted in a number of deaths, whether due to the health complications that are known to be related to it, or because of the emotional disorders that also coincide with its use (suicide and depression are disproportionally common among meth users).

Because of the prevalence of meth abuse, a number of resource centers and rehab programs have been opened up throughout the state. Many people don’t realize the incredibly negative effects of using meth, especially with it comes to the pulmonary and the cardiovascular systems. Because of this potential danger, there need to be programs that focus on meth addiction; otherwise, these people may end up with a lot of other health issues and their detox process may be a lot more painful than it has to be.

Ecstasy and Other Club Drugs

Clubs are an incredibly popular place for people to hang out in Washington, and sadly, that means that there is a prevalence of ecstasy and other drugs that are being used in those clubs. Many times, these are used in order to help people get more out of the lights and sounds that they encounter while they are at the club, but they can be dangerous. A bad batch could result in an overdose, and death is common for people that aren’t careful with what they’re taking and how much they’re taking at a time.

Ecstasy, also referred to as MDMA, is one of the most commonly used club drugs, but you will also see other, less common club drugs on the market as well. On top of all of that, many of those drugs are either brought into the state from Canada, California, and Mexico. Efforts are being made to try and make them less accessible to the public, and it remains to be seen if those efforts have been effective at all.

The Legalization of Marijuana

This is, perhaps, the most important thing to look at in 2015. At the end of 2014, the state made the decision to pass legislation that legalized the distribution and use of marijuana. Even though they’re a bit more restricted than some of the other states that are out there, there is still a very large presence. That has the potential to increase the amount of issues that happen throughout the state, especially when you’re looking at other drug use.

While marijuana has its own set of concerns, the biggest concern is the fact that it’s a gateway drug. It tempts people, and leads them to trying out some of the harder drugs that are illegal. It remains to be seen whether or not the legalization of marijuana in Washington causes an increase in the use of other drugs by the general population, but it is important to consider and keep an eye on nonetheless. Studies will absolutely be done related to the topic, and that is something else that will need to be explored again in 2016.

Washington, even though it’s in its own corner of the country, has a variety of different issues that are related to drug trade, distribution, and use. These are just a few of the major problems that are coming up in 2015, and it may expand into the future. If you need help with an addiction in Washington, make sure to take a look at all of the resources that we have available here on the website. You don’t have to be stuck in any sort of drug addiction or alcohol addiction; help is available.