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The Daily Life of a Heroin Addict – Part 2

This is a narrative story based on the true experiences of an ex-heroin addict. These opinions and actions do not represent the opinions of AllTreatment.

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"…Back to the hot box and onward to the dope spot. I'm almost done. I'm almost cured. Then I can at least feel normal again.

The dope spot is hot, so I'll have to park a couple of blocks away and walk the rest. I spot the dope man from miles away. Look around for cops and under covers. We already know each other so we don't have to talk. I give him the money, he gives me my dope bag and I'm gone. No time to socialize.

Red Eagles was the brand back then.

I can't believe it. I got my bag! I got the cure! Now all I have to do is make it home safe. I would be better off walking home to make sure I don't get caught in the stolen ride, but that would take too long and I'm much too sick by now. I have to get this bag down in me and fast. I gotta chance it.

I get back in the stolen car, drive back across town not knowing whether or not the car has been reported stolen as of yet, but I don't care; I just need to make it home and get cured.

I was so relieved to make it back across town and make it home safe. I park the car up the block. Go home. Mom and big brother have left to work. Now I can do my bag in peace.

Finally, I'm healed! All of a sudden, all of the pain is gone. All of my sickness goes away. My nose stops running. Eyes stop watering. Chills stop instantly. Bone pains are healed. It's like magic. It's like having the worst flu in the world and then within several seconds it all goes away.

Can you imagine, having the worst flu in the world, multiplied 1000 fold to where you feel like you're about to die?

Well, it's worse than that! I'm talking bone-crushing, ice-chilling pain, and then after one $20 heroin bag, have it all taken away in seconds?

The people who brought about heroin are deviously intelligent. The system. They got me. The music helped drive me. My so-called friends and acquaintances were not capable of influencing me an a positive manner.

But I don't care, I feel better than new… emotionally, mentally, and especially physically. I'm extremely relaxed and high… and it feels so good. My body is now completely healed as if I was never sick.

Mission accomplished! Now I can relax, smoke a cig, watch TV and maybe take a little nap in peace. All of my troubles are over…. at least for now…

It's only 10AM and this high will be over shortly. I'll start getting sick again pretty soon. I'd better start planning my next mission while it is daytime and business hours are still in effect.

Let me call up my friend and see what he's up to; see if he has a plan.

Or better yet, let me check if my cousin is around to see if he has another plan which doesn't involve going out to steal. I hate stealing cars, although I've stolen hundreds upon hundreds by now. I was even on that CBS TV show 48 Hours one time for stealing cars.

I wish life didn't have to be that way. I wish I would have never tried heroin. I wish I could just quit and start living a normal life and feel my normal body again. I wonder what that feels like.

I remember thinking back in those days, how in the world am I going to quit this dope habit?

It's simply not possible. I only lasted 3 days in rehab. I blew my chance at the methadone clinic. Man, I gotta quit this thing. PLEASE, God, help me quit.

I wished God would help me. But God was no where to be found.

No time to think about that. The day is passing by quickly. I better start thinking about my next fix for the rest of the evening. For tomorrow was another day…."


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