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2017 Drug Trends in Scottsdale

The city of Scottsdale has been described as the ideal place to enjoy ‘plenty of late night partying’ thanks to its numerous hotspots, as well as a thriving hotel scene. The city of 236,839 isn’t always fun, however, as law enforcement battles to win against drugs and narcotics that have claimed the lives of hundreds of residents.

Scottsdale’s Heroin Problem

Since 2003, there has been an increase in heroin deaths from 65 to 126 in 2013. There were other drugs involved in the deaths according to the data published by the Department of Health Services.

It’s not just Scottsdale that’s in trouble with heroin, but the entire state which has seen overdose deaths increase by over 90%. However, there is also another front which is causing Scottsdale health officers and law enforcement agents much headache – and that is prescription drugs.

Prescription Drugs

The number of people who die due to prescription drug overdose far outnumbers those who die due to heroin deaths in Scottsdale. This statistic mirrors what is happening on a larger scale in the state of Arizona. Prescription opioids such as hydrocodone (e.g. Vicodin), oxycodone (e.g. Percocet) and morphine (e.g. Avinza), are at the top of the list of the most abused prescription drugs in the city.

The ease of availability of these drugs makes them difficult to combat. The fact that they are legally prescribed over the counter and kept at home, within easy reach of children and teenagers makes the entire situation even harder to monitor and control.

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