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2017 Drug Trends in San Bernadino

San Bernardino, or more affectionately known as the Inland Empire, is California’s 17th largest city. San Bernardino is associated with diplomatic consulates and other noteworthy structures, which include the McDonalds Museum as well as California State University.

The city of 209,924 residents isn’t immune however to the drug problems that have terrorized other American cities.

Drug Related Problems

Rife with gangs, San Bernardino is not new to drugs. The streets are cruel as is evidenced by the number of drug-related homicides that have taken place in the city over the last couple of years. The total tally is 88 homicides between 2013 and 2014 combined, of which 60 were gun related. The cause – desperate drug addicts looking for a quick robbery to facilitate their addiction.

Methamphetamine Capital of America

San Bernardino and Riverside are both seen as the methamphetamine capitals of America. This is because the area is full of illegal meth labs, and by labs, we don’t mean small, rundown shacks. No, these meth labs are well-built, well-constructed super labs that have the capacity to deliver up to 10 pounds of meth in one cook. These super labs are operated and run by drug lords who also monitor distribution and selling of the merchandise.

For those seeking ice, the purer version of meth, San Bernardino is the place to find it. Purity levels of confiscated ice in this city are generally around 85% to 100%. Production of ice is a combined effort between Mexican DTOs who provide powdered meth to Asian criminal masterminds who then cook it to ice. This ice can then be sold for up to $30,000 per pound.

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