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2017 Drug Trends in Reno

Drugs are not uncommon to the city of Reno, which is famed for its casinos and is the originating place of Caesars Entertainment Corporation. It’s a sure thing that in a city that loves fun and games as much as Reno does, drugs are never too far away, and neither are the problems that often surround drug users.

Most Used Drugs

While Reno’s police department has stepped up its efforts in the war against narcotics, it seems that the two most commonly used drugs, meth, and heroin, are finding alternative ways to get back into the market.

It comes as no surprise that Sergeant Ron Chalmers of Reno’s Police department states that drug abuse is behind most of the crimes committed in the rest of the city. He says that most people involved in home and vehicle burglaries, fraudulent crimes as well as those who steal other people’s identities are doing it in a bid to fund their uncontrollable drug addiction.

Drugs Affecting the Youth

The biggest drug abusers are in the 13 to 25 age bracket and this is cause for concern. Some tell-tale clues that can help parents know whether or not their child is involved in drugs include being observant for changes in attitude, personality, grades, and general behavior.

Reno Drug Problems

Alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription drugs were among the top rated and most abused substances for Reno according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The rate of deaths caused by drugs for the city was higher than the national average. 9% of Reno residents use illicit drugs every month compared to the national average of 8%.

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