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2016 Drug Trends in Nashville

2016 Drug Trends in Nashville

Nashville is a city of more than half a million people in the state of Tennessee. However, like most cities in America, Nashville is not immune to the scourge of drugs. There are more than 1,377 people admitted to rehabs on a monthly basis, which makes a staggering 41,310 people in a city of 1,531,290, every year, or about 0.09% of the population. One of the major causes of the increasing rates of rehab admissions is prescription drug abuse. As early as 2008, the city was already being labeled the number one city where prescription drugs are being abused in the entire country.

Drug Use on the Rise

Drug abuse in Nashville is unique in that most people are abusing prescription medication as opposed to cocaine, weed, bath salts and other more traditional kinds of drugs. This rise in drug use has left a trail of suicides in its wake. The loss of family members has driven thousands of families into hardship as they struggle to make ends meet.

In Nashville, drug abuse is now classified as an epidemic that is wreaking havoc in the lives of those living in the city.

The highest admits in rehab are:

  • Alcohol: 32.9 percent
  • Other Opiates and Synthetics: 21.6 percent
  • Cocaine/Crack: 20.3 percent
  • Marijuana/Hashish: 15.9 percent
  • Methamphetamine: 2.8 percent

Drug Trafficking in Nashville

Nashville is a hub for drug traffickers mostly because of its road network. Interstate 40 runs through the city. Hundreds of thousands of drugs are trafficked from one state to the other through Nashville. As the drugs make their way through this city, there is no doubt that Nashville provides certain services to these drug traffickers in the form of helping with the transportation of the illegal contraband or providing extra people to man and drive the trucks.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs

Nashville is a city known for its music and vibrant night life. It comes as no surprise then that in such a city, the most commonly abused drugs are club drugs and cannabis.

Nashville clubs are all about the rave, bright lights, loud music and people looking to have a good time. This makes for a perfect setting for the buying and selling of club drugs. The most popular kinds of drugs sold at these clubs include GHB, Ecstasy and LSD.

The danger with drugs available in clubs is that you can never be certain about the quality of the drugs you are getting, so there is a higher chance of drug overdose. Synthetically altered drugs are some of the most dangerous as their full effects on the mind and consciousness have not been properly studied.

Sadly, a lot of women have been raped in Nashville clubs because a lot of date drugs are also sold in these very same clubs.

Cannabis on the other hand is grown in the state and this means it is readily available in Nashville and its surrounding cities. Nashville has legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, which means that you can readily buy marijuana in pharmacies across the city. One of the key problems that law enforcement agents have when it comes to marijuana is preventing people from driving while under its influence.

The availability of the drug has seen a steady increase in teenage marijuana use in Nashville. Concerned residents and parents have even begun to stage demonstrations to see if something can be done about it. It still remains to be seen if anything will change.

What the City Is Doing To Help Curb the Problem

Drug addiction is now being recognized for what it is – a public health epidemic that should be approached with correct policies. Nashville has put in place several drug rehabilitation programs to help those who are in need. Hundreds flock to these centers every day to receive professional help and counseling. There is need for counseling because studies have shown that drug addiction isn’t usually a standalone case. There is usually a primary reason behind the drug abuse and hence the need for behavioral therapy. Common triggers for drug abuse can be post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression. In these rehab centers, treatment is administered according to the state the person is in. All detoxification is carried out under supervision. It is important that patients receive guidance and are monitored as withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe.

The city has been successful as the admissions have decreased by 12.5% from 2007, and 5.9% in the last year. About 60% of admits are teenagers.


The fact that drugs are grown in the city and that there is a rich distribution network, and a willing market in club-goers; drug use doesn’t seem like it will be going down anytime soon in Nashville. The best that can be done to help combat the drug trend is to increase drug awareness and hope people make the best decisions concerning drugs.

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