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Drug addiction is defined as a compulsive and habitually abusive use of chemical substance or substances that potentially affects the human body and mind. White Plains Maryland certainly has its share of drug-related problems. The prevailing drug problem is beginning to affect almost everyone in someway or another. Maryland drug problems continue to cause income levels and living situations to be jeopardized as the addicts give more attention to where and when their next “fix” is going to be. Out of the almost 60,000 substance abusers on record, 9.8% are cocaine addicts, 14.3% are marijuana addicts while 29.1% are heroin addicts. Organizations such as Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) have been able to document alarming statistics that show teens and young adult make up a large percentage of these abusers.

With the facilities provided for by White Plains rehab centers, those seeking help to overcome an addiction will be able to find a suitable course or program, which will fit their lifestyle commitments. If you know of someone that needs help, visiting our website and viewing the information provided, will give you a better understanding on how to provide assistance in an effective manner.

List Of White Plains, Maryland Addiction Treatment Facilities

Charles County Department of Health/Substance Use Services

  • Address: 4545 Crain Highway
  • Address: P.O. Box 1050
  • City: White Plains
  • State: MD
  • Zip Code: 20695
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