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2015 Drug Trends in Massachusetts

2015 Drug Trends in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of those states that people associate with liberal, Democratic values. They have a lot of work that they do in a lot of areas, and they are a state that often is in the forefront when it comes to progress. Because of that, it’s important that we look to the great state of Massachusetts in order to determine how they are dealing with some of the biggest issues with substance abuse in the country. The main drugs of choice are heroin and other opiates, and we’re going to see how they’ve played a role in affecting the state and its residents in 2015.


General opiate abuse is a huge problem in Massachusetts for a number of residents. In many cases, it has been declared an epidemic in the state, with a number of deaths and other overdose cases coming up every single year. The governor and other state officials have stepped up their fight against the drugs that are considered to be opiates, and have also been doing everything that they can in order to expand the awareness that is necessary for people to understand and get the help that they need when it comes to rehab and other similar solutions.

Obviously, rehab is being extended and doctors have been put on high alert as to how they need to treat persons who may be having a problem with opiate abuse. Since a number of prescription medications fall into the opiate category, doctors have to be aware of what their patients are taking. They are also being trained as to how they can help their patients by talking to them about the problems that can come as a result of the opiate abuse. EMT’s and other first alert professionals are also carrying a number of drugs with them that can help to prevent overdose deaths; if these drugs are administered at the first sign that someone may have overdosed on one of these drugs, it could end up saving a number of lives.

Opiate addiction is incredibly dangerous, which is why legislators have been working to try and help people to get access to help. If you’re in Massachusetts and you need assistance with opiates or other prescription drug medication abuse, you can use our website in order to get in contact with the right channels so that you can get the help that you need, as soon as you possibly can.


Heroin is another drug that has been abused throughout the state of Massachusetts. Heroin has always been a big problem, and therefore, it’s important that we explore this issue too. Estimates say that the number of hospitalizations for heroin overdoses is up to four times as much as the rest of the country. That’s a huge problem.

Obviously, heroin is an opioid as well, but because it has its own set of problems and statistics in Massachusetts, we felt it was important to explore it on its own. Heroin, like all opiates, have a high chance of addiction, and overdose is incredibly common. Heroin is deadly; if you get to a point where you need a whole lot of it in order to get a high, the chance of dying goes up a lot. This is why, like the rest of opiates, the heroin abuse problem in this state has been explored more than anything else.

Why is heroin such an issue? This is common for more northern states, where it’s easier to produce it in a rural area, and because other drugs (pot, etc) may not be as easily accessible due to the cold. Throw in the fact that there are a number of different cities throughout this region of the United States (other than Boston, of course), and you’ve got the perfect storm for heroin addiction. It’s a scary epidemic, but as time goes on and legislation goes through, it is going to continue to slow down in the future.

So, as you can see, both of these issues are incredibly important to explore, and it’s vital that we understand the best way to move forward when it comes to fighting off abuse and other similar substance abuse issues in the future. If you live in Massachusetts, and you are looking for help, use our contact page in order to get in touch with a counselor or a rehab center that can give you the resources that you need to fend off the addiction you may be struggling with.

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