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Interviews with Rehab Center Professionals page hosting our interviews with CEOs, Executive Directors, and Medical Experts about Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Read through these interviews for expert advice about recovery high schools, detox FAQs, signs of addiction, and more.


Peter Asmuth, Executive Director, Serenity Lane, Oregon – This interview with Peter Asmuth of Serenity Lane Rehab Center covers the topics of the best duration of treatment, family participation, and the difficulty of acquring insurance for patients undergoing treatment.

Rachelle GardnerHelene Cross

Helene Cross & Rachelle Gardner of Fairbanks – This interview is about recovery high schools, a school that provides a safe and sober environment, where young people can achieve academic success and also success in maintaining sobriety and support.

Stephanie Loebs & Gina de Peralta Thorne of The Farley Center in Williamsburg – This article is about people addicted to drugs who are professionals in fields where drugs become available.

Ron Welch

Ron Welch, CEO of Cottonwood de Tucson – This interview teaches you about what detox is and the differences between people who need detox for treatment and people who need treatment without detox.

Ron Hunsicker

Dr. Ronald J. Hunsicker, President/CEO of National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) – This interview goes through 10 questions Dr Ronald Hunsicker suggests you ask before admitting yourself or a loved one into a treatment center.

Bruce Suardini, CEO of Prairie Center Health Systems – This article teaches you about the warning signs of addiction, what to look for, and what to do when you see these symptoms occur.

Patricia RydingDr. Patricia Ryding, Executive Director of Sierra Tucson – This interview discusses aftercare treatment, the process of recovery after withdrawal and detoxification.  She discusses specific treatments and who they are best for.

Jason Powers

Dr. Jason Powers, Chief Medical Officer of Spirit Lodge – This article is about the physiology of addiction, specifically how your body becomes addicted and what is needed to break that addiction.

Rebecca FloodRebecca Flood, Executive Director and CEO of New Directions for Women – This interview is about women's treatment, gender differences, the stigma associated with addiction, and what our society can do in the future.


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