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Rehabs That Accept Oxford Insurance

Rehabs That Accept Oxford Insurance

Oxford Insurance is a division of United Health Insurance serving customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas. New Jersey is currently in the midst of a fierce and pervasive substance abuse epidemic and is one of the states in the Northeast hit the hardest by opioid addiction. Data from the State’s Division of Mental Health indicates that over 3,160 New Jersey residents succumbed to fatal drug overdose in 2018, setting a record for the fourth year in a row. Opioids, specifically the synthetic fentanyl, are the primary drivers of this alarming and consistent uptick. In the face of these increasing rates of addiction and their subsequent impact on health and quality of life, New Jersey residents need ample insurance resources to help them quickly and affordably access coverage. Oxford Health Plans from United HealthCare are stepping in to serve these needs.

Offering A Wide Range of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services

Oxford Health Plans from United HealthCare work with an extensive and comprehensive network of mental health and addiction treatment professionals to provide quality and seamless care through each stage of the treatment process.

These services include but are not limited to:

Oxford Health Plans from United HealthCare can also provide coverage for patients who are suffering from co-occurring addiction and mental illness, also known as dual-diagnosis disorders. The organization also offers a Substance Use Treatment Helpline staffed with highly trained and licensed advocates who will talk with you about your concerns and your unique situation. They will answer questions, support you, help create a personalized treatment plan, and can also help with family support. The Substance Use Treatment Helpline is available at no added cost as part of your health benefits. You can remain anonymous when you call, and the service is completely confidential—your personal information will be kept private at all times.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Covered by Oxford Health Plans

Oxford Health Plans also covers treatment providers who understand MAT for opioid use disorder through the use of drugs such as Suboxone (buprenorphine), Vivitrol (monthly injectable naltrexone), and methadone. These drugs work by mitigating cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid use disorder (OUD). The Substance Use Treatment Helpline’s specially trained advocates can give you information about opioid use and arrange a professional evaluation. They can also help you find MAT options from a provider in your network. Researchers have long dubbed MAT the gold standard for opioid addiction care.

These drugs are not meant to replace or supplant any other element of care, such as behavioral rehab, detox, or counseling. Despite their enormous positive impact in treating opioid addiction, many patients who are declared eligible for MAT find themselves struggling to get access or insurance coverage. Oxford Health Plans from United HealthCare often provides coverage for all or part of this treatment.

What Types of Addiction Services Do Oxford Health Plans Cover?

Oxford Health Plans provide total or partial coverage for a wide range of treatment services, including but not limited to:

  • Medically Supervised Detox and Withdrawal Management – The detox process is a delicate and complex medical procedure that should be administered by an experienced and qualified medical professional. This can be done in either a specialized facility or in a hospital setting. The inpatient detox process generally lasts three to seven days, depending upon patients’ progress, and should be immediately followed by behavioral rehab for addiction.
  • Behavioral Rehab – Oxford Health Plans provide coverage for a range of behavioral rehab options including inpatient and residential, outpatient and intensive outpatient, partial day programs, long-term and short-term programs, and more. Coverage will vary based on the tier of each customer’s insurance; however, it generally includes some combination of group therapy, one-on-one counseling, supplemental therapies, and more.

Oxford Health Plans can help you understand what services are covered and provide options that may minimize your out-of-pocket expense. To learn more, call the Substance Use Treatment Helpline at 1-855-780-5955. Licensed clinicians can guide you to a treatment provider or treatment center in your covered network. Your benefit information is also available on under the “Claims and Coverage” section of the website.

Start Getting the Help You Need Today.

If you or your loved one are living in New Jersey, struggling with addiction, and are currently covered by Oxford Health Plans, you don’t have to let money or logistics get in the way of your recovery. Start browsing our database of treatment centers today to find the option that best fits your or your loved one’s care needs. Once you find an option that works best for you, a representative from your prospective care facility will conduct a full insurance verification.


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