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Rehabs That Accept First Health Network Insurance

Rehabs That Accept First Health Network Insurance

First Health Network Insurance is a subsidiary of health insurance leader Aetna, and one of the nation’s largest national preferred partner organization (PPO) networks. Together with their regionally based affiliate Cofinity, they serve over five million Americans across more than 350 payor organizations.

Under the PPO model, patients enjoy more flexibility to select their treatment providers to maximize the quality of treatment, rather than to have all their specialized care need funneled through their primary care physician, as is the case with an HMO (health maintenance organization).

Backed by the comprehensive resources and flexibility of care offered by Aetna, First Health Networks offers a variety of substance abuse and mental health treatment services for patients all across the United States.

A Broad Network of Providers

The fact that First Health Network is owned by Aetna means that First Health has access to a nationwide network of treatment providers that offer a diverse range of treatment options to accommodate patients on all areas of the addiction treatment spectrum. Their vast reach includes practitioners who are trained to administer the full continuum of substance use care.

Whether you or your loved one needs help for short-term prescription painkiller addiction, decades-long alcohol abuse, or any other type of substance use disorder, First Health Network may be able to provide coverage to keep costs down so you can better afford treatment.

While addiction treatment is expensive, with some estimates putting the average cost of inpatient treatment at $20,000 for a 30-day program, insurance companies have stepped up their coverage in the face of rising fatality and subsequent changes in healthcare legislation.

As a national leader in the health insurance industry with over 165 years in business, Aetna and their subsidiaries, including First Health Network, have been at the forefront of this evolution. While treatment remains expensive, there are more resources than ever within the employer-based health insurance framework to help you or your loved one recover.

What Alcohol and Drug Rehab Services Does First Health Cover?

The cycle of addiction recovery is ongoing and it’s important that patients are able to access a full continuum of care services to help them successfully overcome substance use disorder. These services go beyond the initial treatment experience into everyday aftercare to help patients avoid relapse and reclaim their overall health and quality of life.

Insurance companies like First Health Network are becoming increasingly mindful of the lifelong journey of addiction recovery, and providing coverage for more and more services through the treatment and recovery cycle.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Detoxification – The addiction treatment experience starts with detox. It’s the process through which patients expel the toxins that have built up in their bodies through prolonged and untreated substance use, and rebalance their brain chemistry. Detox is often covered by First Health Insurance with just the need for a copayment. Residential programs tend to be between three to seven days, depending upon the patient’s progress. The detox process is a medically necessary procedure in the treatment of substance use and is generally covered by health insurance plans.
  • Behavioral Rehab – A cornerstone of the substance and mental illness treatment paradigm, behavioral rehab helps patients cultivate the tools they need to avoid relapse, manage triggers and rebuild their lives. In the context of what’s paid for by health insurance, this process can be administered through a residential, outpatient, intensive outpatient (IOP), or a partial day program. Rehab includes a combination of group therapy, one-on-one psychiatric therapy, and whatever supplemental clinical therapies are offered by your or your loved one’s prospective care organization. Insurance coverage for rehab will vary based each patient’s plan type. Higher-tier plans tend to cover inpatient treatment, while mid-level plans and below more readily cover outpatient or IOP programs.
  • Medications – Pharmacological interventions are a fundamental part of the addiction treatment process, whether you or your loved one needs maintenance drugs like buprenorphine (Suboxone), naltrexone (Vivitrol) and methadone for opioid use disorder, or other types of medication to balance brain chemistry in the face of a co-occurring disorder. First Health Network may be able to offset the cost of these medications to make recovery and treatment more affordable. Doctors and clinicians have dubbed medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as the gold standard of opioid use disorder, and the need for medication in the treatment of mental illness has been thoroughly documented. First Health makes it easier for eligible patients to access these vital lifesaving resources.

How to Find Rehabs That Accept First Health Network

To start finding rehabs that accept First Health Network plans, browse our database of treatment providers and locate an option that works best for you or your loved one. Once you have made your choice, a representative from your prospective facility will conduct a full insurance verification to help you best understand your options. Start healing today from substance use disorder.


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