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Rehabs That Accept CoreSource Health Insurance

Rehabs That Accept CoreSource Health Insurance

Check To See If  Your CoreSource Health Insurance Plan Will Cover Rehab

The reality of addiction in American society is evident, and the need for addiction treatment is growing. As employers are finding their top employees suffering from substance abuse, and  experienced managers are struggling with addiction, health insurance companies are scrambling to find a way to cover and address addiction treatment while maintaining some control over their costs for the high price tag of rehab and recovery programs. CoreSource is one alternative here, a provider of self-funded employee health benefits plans offering solutions through the following:

  • Responsive support
  • Effective risk management and cost mitigation
  • Integrated and flexible solutions
  • Expertise and consultation
  • Member engagement

CoreSource has more than five hundred clients, totaling more than one million individual members in self-funded health benefit plans. Self-funded health benefit plans are funded by the employer rather than by an insurance company. Employers are responsible for the cost of providing benefits to employees, with a contract for insurance to place a ceiling on the costs in the event of a larger than expected claim.

CoreSource Insurance and Addiction Treatment

As with many medical insurance companies, CoreSource has experienced a significantly high need for addiction treatment among members. The manner in which benefits affect the addiction treatment varies greatly by individual plan and the type of employer providing the insurance.

Most plans outlined by CoreSource require pre-authorizations for inpatient services, including long-term partial hospitalization and any inpatient addiction treatment. CoreSource lays out the substance abuse and behavioral health services that do not require preauthorization, most of which are outpatient only, and include:

  • Screenings and assessments.
  • Partial hospitalization up to thirty days.
  • Addiction Counseling.
  • Detoxification, not as a part of an inpatient addiction treatment program.
  • Psychiatric office visits.

The less-intensive and outpatient-based services are easier for members to access quickly. For services like inpatient, residential addiction treatment and medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid dependence, pre-authorizations are required.

How CoreSource Works for You

The main business and interests of CoreSource are in providing employers with customizable and flexible health insurance plans for their employees. The plans made available through CoreSource are largely based on the desires and capabilities of the employer, and as such, benefits can vary widely. The most direct way in which CoreSource affects your health insurance is likely through the insurance plans offered by your employer.

CoreSource is essentially the management company behind the policies offered to you. While there is likely a policy underwritten by an insurer, such as an insurance company like Aetna, Anthem, or Cigna, CoreSource also has a member portal where individuals can check their claim status, find a doctor, and manage their health. Whether your particular insurance plan is covered by Anthem, Cigna, or Aetna, it is very important to be clear on what your insurance benefits are, what they cover, and how much they cover for the addiction treatment services you need.

When faced with substance abuse or addiction, immediate action is critical, but in order to save time and get to a short list of treatment options, you should have an understanding of your possibilities related to insurance and personal finance. And considering the fact that pre-authorizations are widely required for inpatient addiction-treatment admissions, it is important to afford yourself extra time to get whatever approval may be required by your health insurance provider. The last thing anyone in need of addiction treatment should have to deal with is delays with approval and benefit payment for the life-saving services of rehab.

Addiction Treatment Considerations

Addiction treatment offers a plethora of therapies, approaches, methodologies, and intensities. Generally, behavioral health and substance abuse coverage through health insurance will provide some level of benefit to allow members to receive treatment through their plan.

But there are still certain things to remember that can make tremendous differences in your financial responsibilities.

  1. Be aware of pre-authorization requirements. These are especially common for inpatient and long-term treatment services and may severely delay any payments or application of benefits for treatment.
  2. Consider in-network treatment programs before those which are out of network. Insurance companies have cost-limiting contracts with providers in their network, so even though the percentage you pay for out-of-network providers may not seem so unmanageable, remember that there is no regulation on what that treatment program can charge, potentially skyrocketing your financial responsibility.
  3. Consider the implications of dual diagnosis in addiction treatment. Mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse mean different things in different health insurance plans. Likewise, understand how treatment programs bill insurance companies for medications and treatments specifically related to mental health issues like PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and ADHD.
  4. Consider your aftercare options. Many addiction treatment programs offer aftercare services; however, most of them are not free, nor are they automatically built into the cost of the program. Some insurance companies provide assistance with reintegration to the community, employment search, and community support as a part of member plans. Keep in mind that most insurance companies are more likely to pay for outpatient before inpatient treatment, even though outpatient is a recommended and effective form of aftercare.

The complications of addiction, rehab, and health insurance can be overwhelming, and that’s why we are here to help you get through the maze and right to what matters: where you can go, what it will cost, and what you can expect. Addiction is hard enough. We can get your health insurance benefits verified and help you understand every way that they affect your addiction treatment options and costs. The road to recovery is complicated, but it shouldn’t be complicated because of obscure health insurance benefits and restrictions. We’re here to help.


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