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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers that Accept Beacon Health Options Insurance

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers that Accept Beacon Health Options Insurance

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Beacon Health Options is a smaller insurance company with a member base of about forty million people and a program network of nearly fifty thousand providers. Beacon Health Options prides itself on outstanding substance abuse care, preventative tools, educational materials, and insurance benefits for addiction treatment.

The recent burgeoning of the opioid epidemic likely influenced the heavy focus on opioid addiction and the growing need for drug rehab and supportive recovery plans. For the purposes of addiction treatment, Beacon Health Options maintains a strong presence in the rehab and recovery field, offering a wide variety of benefits to their members in order to prevent and treat addiction at its most manageable stages.

Beacon Health Options Care Management and Substance Abuse

As part of a growing trend, Beacon Health Options has designed an innovative plan for members to find and utilize addiction treatment programs and facilities throughout the country. They call this their model of substance use disorder (SUD) care management, and it consists of seven components:

    1. Development and management. Beacon has a network spanning every state in the country and offers members plans which encourage a stepping down of the intensity of treatment as necessary while maintaining therapeutic care.
    2. Screenings and Assessments. Empirically validated screening tools are used to identify SUDs, in efforts to address this issue before it becomes unmanageable. The outcomes of these screenings provide tools to providers in primary care and community-based environments.
    3. Medical necessity criteria. Using the standards outlined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), Beacon Health Options developed criteria to guide the medical need for things like the intensity of addiction treatment, type of setting, and the need for additional recovery care after the completion of treatment.
    4. Adoption of evidence-based services. Another growing trend in health insurance coverage is the adoption of medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction. This includes methadone and suboxone. Other programs included in the evidence-based services adopted by Beacon include:
    5. Structured Outpatient Addiction Program (SOAP), specifically offered to members in Massachusetts.
      • The Matrix Model, an intensive sixteen-week outpatient treatment program, including education for families and loved ones of addicted individuals.
      • Motivational Interviewing, to assist individuals in identifying high-risk behavior and developing an action plan to make positive changes.
      • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) teaches participants the most effective ways to implement their recovery plan as everyday habits.
    6. Ease of use. Through online assessments, medical necessity conclusions, and claims administration fee to the provider, Beacon aims to remove the bureaucracy of health insurance benefits, claims, and implementations.
    7. Addiction-recovery support. To facilitate sustained recovery on a long-term basis, peer-support specialists, many of whom are in recovery themselves, are available to assist those recovering from addiction in reintegrating back into their communities and building coping and problem-solving skills. Additionally, peer-support specialists help those in recovery addicts to get involved with community-based resources to support their continued success. The second source of recovery support provided to Beacon members is long-term chronic-care management, which is a coordinated effort to ensure that culturally-specific and individualized care plans are reflective of the recovering member’s identified goals.
    8. Continuous outcome-based program. Using performance targets from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Beacon Health Options uses measurements such as abstinence from drugs and alcohol and social connectedness among members in recovery.

Beacon Health and Your Addiction Treatment Options

With all of the focus on addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery, it may seem like there’s nothing to figure out about how Beacon Health Options covers your rehab costs. But every plan is different, and every insurance provider has its own set of standards and application of benefits. Beacon Health Options is one of several insurance providers to have its finger on the pulse of addiction treatment, trying to implement more ways to help members who are struggling, and attempting to reach those at risk as early and effectively as possible.

At, we strive to provide as much accurate information about the addiction treatment process as possible, to help make your search and decision-making process less daunting. We understand how health insurance works with addiction treatment and how these programs bill insurance companies. More often than not, addiction treatment programs found within Beacon Health Options’ network will all be able to verify your benefits and explain their billing process to you.

We can also check your Beacon Health Options plan, verify benefits, and help you to understand exactly what parts of addiction treatment your benefits will cover. If there are other services offered in treatment which may be billed separately, we can inform you of that as well. The last thing anyone in recovery needs is to be confronted with unexpected medical bills, so one of the most important things to do in preparation of receiving treatment is to know how your insurance benefits will affect your costs.

We understand the importance of both rehab and insurance benefits and will help you to navigate and most effectively utilize each. Your path to recovery is the single most important part of your life, and we are here to help you follow it to success.


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