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Rehabs That Accept Assurant Health Insurance

Rehabs That Accept Assurant Health Insurance

Check To See If  Your Anthem Insurance Plan Will Cover Rehab

Health insurance plays an important role in the process of finding the best addiction treatment program for yourself or for a loved one. The high price tag of drug rehab makes insurance benefits all the more important, as they can often significantly reduce if not completely eliminate out-of-pocket costs for life-saving services or treatment. Insurance plans vary widely, depending on numerous factors and circumstances, and each plan’s effect on your financial responsibility for addiction treatment also varies.

Assurant Health Insurance and Addiction Treatment

Assurant Health Insurance plans may be some of the rarest in the United States today, due to the 2015 announcement by the parent company, Assurant, Inc. that it would withdraw Assurant Health from the health care marketplace. Since that time, the policies of Assurant Health members have been sold to other companies, with the assurance of a smooth transition.

Because of this change in insurance companies, now that Assurant is moving away from health insurance, it may be difficult to understand exactly what your benefits are and how they are honored by other insurance companies that may now hold your policy. During the process of transitioning Assurant Health policies, members have been promised that their claims will still be processed, and that they will not experience a gap in their health insurance coverage. Especially through times of changing health insurance providers, it is important to stay updated on your substance abuse and addiction treatment benefits.

Assurant Health Plan Breakdown for Addiction Treatment

Assurant Health works with several other insurance provider networks, including Aetna Signature and First Health Network. Regarding addiction treatment coverage and benefits with an Assurant health care plan, the majority of treatment programs and facilities accept health insurance and work with various other providers to get you maximum payments for your treatment services.

And just as many other insurance companies, Assurant requires pre-authorization for any addiction treatment program, including an intensive outpatient service. In fact, Assurant recommends a verification of benefits at least seven days ahead of receiving addiction treatment service for the purpose of processing pre-authorizations.

AllTreatment, Assurant Health Care, and Your Addiction Treatment Options

Although most addiction treatment programs work well with health insurance companies in verifying insurance benefits and appropriately applying them, it is recommended to have a clear understanding of your benefits before you decide on a treatment center. This will allow you to narrow down the drug rehab program that works best with the benefits you have and will provide you with the kind of treatment you need for effective results.

At, we can help to clarify your health insurance benefits, and assist with finding addiction treatment services that best fit your benefits, personal needs, and unique preferences.

Some of the most important things to consider when weighing insurance benefits and the most effective kind of addiction treatment for you include the following:

  • The length of addiction treatment needed should be carefully considered, depending on the payment structure of the treatment program, and whether or not your insurance plan has time limits on behavioral health care services.
  • Special therapies and services at rehab programs may come at an extra cost, or be billed to insurance separately, so it is important to check benefits and ensure how treatment providers bill insurance for things like drug testing, hypnotherapy, equine assisted therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and neurofeedback, among other ancillary services and therapies as a part of rehab.
  • Whether or not the program is a participating provider in your Assurant network has a tremendous impact on your out-of-pocket costs. Insurance companies often provide far more comprehensive benefits for providers in network. When it comes to addiction treatment with numerous services and therapies that may be billed separately, the costs could add up to much more than just your coinsurance percentage of the sticker price of treatment.
  • Also, consider detox services. Many addiction treatment programs offer detox services, whether on-site or contracted with an off-site medical facility. It is necessary to be clear about detox benefits through Assurant, as well as to understand what the benefits are in the event of an off-site detox, separate from the treatment facility itself.

Taking on the process of getting addiction treatment can be extremely daunting, from making sense of your health insurance benefits to figuring out what type of treatment and level of intensity you need and can afford. Depending on your health insurance benefits, you will likely have some options for the addiction treatment program you attend within your provider network. Once you have that information, any treatment facility will be able to verify your benefits and explain their billing practices to you. is here to help you understand addiction treatment and everything you need to attend the most effective program you can. We understand that insurance plans and benefits can be confusing, just as finding the right treatment option for you and your loved ones can be. We’re here to help you navigate the processes and begin your path to recovery with comprehensive, clear understanding.


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