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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept AmeriHealth Insurance

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept AmeriHealth Insurance

Check To See If  Your AmeriHealth Insurance Plan Will Cover Rehab

We are here to help you navigate through thousands of addiction treatment facilities and programs. Additionally, we can help you navigate through insurance benefits as they relate to rehab.

Some people may hear about insurance for addiction treatment and think the choices are only high-cost private insurance or nothing, but there are many service providers and facilities within the scope of Medicaid and Medicare. Further, there are a number of health insurance providers that offer both private and publicly funded insurance. AmeriHealth is one of the thousands of health insurance providers with Medicaid plans, in addition to Medicare and privately paid policies. Millions of Americans depend on Medicaid for their health insurance needs, and many of them also need addiction treatment. The levels of available services through Medicaid vary depending on the employer or agency offering them.

With AmeriHealth plans, Medicaid-assisted addiction treatment may include a variety of treatment options ranging from outpatient to partial hospitalization and residential rehab. Additional support through the treatment and recovery process may even be completed with a case manager, who can assist with determining the most appropriate type of care and work with you to develop a complete recovery plan.

AmeriHealth in Your Area

Currently, AmeriHealth provides services in select states throughout the nation, which include:

In the states where AmeriHealth provides services, members receive assistance in the process of finding and enrolling in covered addiction treatment programs. Although AmeriHealth requires pre-authorization for every form of addiction treatment—intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and inpatient. For AmeriHealth, the determination of medical necessity standards is based on InterQual decision support tools, determined by medical literature and a group of clinical experts and more than seven hundred consultants representing a wide range of specialties and subspecialties.

AmeriHealth New Jersey

AmeriHealth has taken a special interest in the opioid crisis in New Jersey, offering specific benefits to confront the opioid crisis, such as:

  • In-network benefits for inpatient, outpatient, and residential addiction treatment programs.
  • Unlimited visits to detox facilities.
  • In-network coverage of methadone in a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program.
  • No pre-authorization requirements for additional MATs for Vivitrol® and Suboxone®

Considering the high rates of opioid abuse and addiction in states such as New Jersey, residents covered by AmeriHealth may find significant benefits from these changes implemented by the company.

We Can Help

Health insurance companies like AmeriHealth offer several different kinds of insurance plans, both private and publicly funded, in nearly twenty states, operating under multiple names, depending on the state. And while it can be complicated to navigate through the available benefits and exactly how they may apply to various types of addiction treatment, at, we understand addiction treatment, how it bills health insurance, and how health insurance covers it. With one call, we can check your insurance benefits and discuss with you what’s covered and what isn’t to determine what kind of out-of-pocket expenses, if any, may possibly remain for you and your family.

We understand that it is never an easy time when addiction treatment is required to save a life. We are here to remove unnecessary barriers and simplify the process every step of the way, beginning with understanding the available benefits of your AmeriHealth plan and how it can be most efficiently utilized for an eligible addiction treatment program.

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