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2014 Drug Trends in Illinois

2014 Drug Trends in Illinois

One state that has been in the limelight with substance use and abuse is Illinois. There are a number of drugs that are used throughout the state, and not just in the larger cities like Chicago. The following are drug trends that are occurring in 2014 in this state.


Throughout the past three years, there have been almost a thousand heroin overdose deaths in Illinois, indicating that there is a huge problem going on in the state that has not been approached properly as of yet. It’s an enormous number that many political officials in the state call an open health emergency of epic extent.

Presently, two Illinois administrative panels are mulling over the developing utilization of heroin in Illinois and one of the additionally disturbing discoveries of their studies is a pattern toward younger abusers. The issue is, as you can imagine, that drug dealers are starting to target kids because they’re an easier target than adults, and because of all of the trials and temptations that happen during a child’s lifetime, it’s much more difficult for them to resist the temptation. In short, it’s much more tempting to approach a child about the whole thing instead of adults, because once they are hooked on heroin, they have the possibility of becoming a lifelong user, and customer.

The good news is, people are starting to do something about the problems from the bottom up. In some towns, officials responded and helped supportive networks like Kids Matter and Parents Matter Too get started, giving replies to inquiries to teenagers and folks and making a few advancements. Because of this, they have started to see progress in this area of drug abuse, and more kids are getting the help they need, thus resulting in fewer deaths. From suburban Naperville to provincial Illinois the heroin scourge closes with horrific outcomes.

More and more people are starting to seek help for their heroin issues in Illinois, whether it’s because of how expensive the addiction can get or because they are unable to deal with the side effects and consequences of their choices anymore. Treatment for heroin addiction is becoming more advanced, especially in states like Illinois where it has become a significant problem, and a good clinic can help you manage withdrawal symptoms. We will see these technologies and methods develop more over time, and Illinois may be a state that is in the forefront of those developments.


Research that has been performed in the past few months have demonstrated that a percentage of the most astounding rates of alcoholism in the country might be found in the Midwest – particularly in Illinois. The amount of alcohol abuse has grown exponentially, especially in the more rural areas of the state.

Some researchers have started to dig into information discharged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The exploration demonstrated that binge alcoholism, which is having or five or more beverages for men and four or more for women at time, is an issue affecting numerous Americans and causing a number of health concerns. Binge drinking and alcoholism are dangerous to people because of their physical health, but also because of their mental and emotional health as well.

According to a number of sources that have looked at the information, more than 38 million Americans drink an average of four times each month and that drinking more is usually for those who make over $75,000 a year. That being said, if people with incomes under $25,000 a year do binge drink, they do it much more severely, consuming anywhere up to eight drinks when they go on a binge. That’s incredibly dangerous in a number of ways.

Illinois ends up amidst what is called a binge drinking center of Midwestern states with adult binge drinking rates floating around 20 percent, which is one in every five occupants of the state. Illinois is further affected by different variables that research says affects a high liquor admission. His dissection shows binge drinking is more regular in liberal states, and additionally states that are more “outgoing.” While Illinois has extraordinarily higher rates of liquor utilization than the national average, its binge drinking rate has held steady when you compare it to other states that have been seeing an increase. That being said, it’s incredibly important to look at this data and make sure that we are taking care of the alcohol abuse issues in Illinois, because even though they may not be on the increase at this point, the chance of that happening is becoming more and more apparent and likely.

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