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2015 Drug Trends in Illinois

Drugs in Illinois are drastically affecting teenagers. Not too surprising, considering the amount of main highways that go through the state. These highways are ideal for bringing in various drugs, and it is simple to get those drugs into the hands of teenagers who are struggling to acclimate to the many changes to their lives and hoping to find trouble to get into.

Prescription drugs are popular, as most teenagers don’t have to look farther than the bathroom medicine cabinet to find prescriptions for their parents. They can access these drugs, bring them to a set location and be involved in a party where any number of prescription drugs are taken. Add to that the lower prices to get illegal substances and the ease of access due to roads and countless dealers, and drugs are a huge problem that aren’t going to just go away.

In addition, when it comes to Drug Addiction and Mental Health, teenagers and adults alike are faced with heavy decisions and problems that are related to suffering both from the use of illegal drugs and a mental health issue that can be part of the underlying cause of an individual’s turn to drugs in the first place.

What Addiction Really Is can be difficult to narrow down. In the end, though, the issue is the use of these drugs as a crutch to get past the challenges of daily life. Rehab takes away that crutch and helps the individual stand on their own two feet.

Prescription Drugs

The abuse of prescription drugs is common in many states. The ability to get access to these drugs simply by living with an individual that takes pain pills for a chronic condition, or the ease with which someone prescribed the medication can become addicted and then be on the lookout for more of the drug they are prescribed or for illegal drugs to help with the condition that results in the pain medication prescription in the first place means prescription drug abuse is not something that happens by accident.

There are 5 signs of prescription drug addiction, and they should not be ignored. As this is such a common issue, individuals need more help than ever to overcome the problem and get back into a healthier lifestyle.


Heroin is another drug that has become easier to attain because it is easier to manufacture and has become cheaper to use as a result. This is not a good thing, as heroin has significant impact to the body and mind and also lots of bad long-term effects. Drug users are not safe using this drug, or any other illegal substance. Intervention is key to the success of individuals who are currently heroin users.

Heroin abuse can be recognized by long periods of drowsiness, flushed skin, dry mouth and serious issues with withdrawal after only a few hours without the drug. Withdrawal symptoms include pain in the muscles and bones, insomnia, vomiting and cold flashes. Users struggle with the symptoms and typically show desperation to acquire another fix in order to be rid of the pain and struggle that goes with not having the drug in their system. For those with money problems, desperation can lead to illegal activities in order to purchase the preferred illegal substance.


Alcohol addiction is easy to fall into and difficult to prevent. For both those who are legal to use the substance and those that are not, alcohol is easy to acquire. A few drinks does not seem like such a bad thing, and many people choose the use of alcohol as a method of relaxation following a hard day. However, the downward spiral is easy to fall into without noticing. A few drinks to unwind after work and socialize becomes drinking heavily every day simply to escape the issues faced in daily life. No one keeping you company becomes common, and most people prefer not to have an audience as somewhere deep down they recognize their problem.

Despite the fact that alcohol is legal, the issue of abuse and resulting fatalities or long-term health issues means this problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible after it is recognized. Alcohol abuse takes away from productive lifestyles, positive interactions with others and financial stability just as quickly as abuse of illegal substances can. Rehab for alcohol can be as difficult as for illegal substances. Sometimes it can be more difficult, as alcohol is a legal drug so people do not always see the effects on a person who is abusing alcohol.

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