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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Paris, Illinois (1)

According to statistics for drug abuse in adolescents in the state of Illinois, the Office of Applied Studies, which is a component of the SAMHSA, state that about 28,000 males and 31,000 women (adolescents) required treatment for alcohol addiction. In case of drug addiction, 27,000 males and 29,000 females needed treatment and did not receive it. In addition, more than 104,000 (9,5%) of the adolescents from the 1.1 million adolescents in Illinois abused some form of illicit drugs, with 70,000 or 6% of them abusing marijuana and 49,000 or 4.5% some other illicit drug. This has led to serious drug problems in Paris in the Edgar County of the state. The city is a major hub for distribution of illegal drugs through street gangs, with crack cocaine being a serious problem. Admissions for drug abuse treatment have almost doubled since the year 1990.

If you are seeking help for drug problems in Paris, we have listed several professionally run services in and around Paris and all over Illinois as well. The goal of the rehab centers we have listed is to direct an individualized plan for stopping the person from using drugs or alcohol, thereby helping them to avoid the psychological as well as physical and social consequences connected with drug or alcohol addiction.

List Of Paris, Illinois Addiction Treatment Facilities

Human Resources Center of/Edgar and Clark Counties

  • Address: 118 East Court Street
  • Address: P.O. Box 1118
  • City: Paris
  • State: IL
  • Zip Code: 61944
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