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2014 Drug Trends in Idaho

2014 Drug Trends in Idaho

Idaho is a state that has a number of drug issues that need to be addressed in order for us to move forward with drug abuse and treatment programs. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the largest drug trends of 2014 and how they can be explored and helped.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse has been on the increase in Idaho in recent years. It has gotten so bad in colleges, that about 20% of college students report taking a prescription drug without a prescription at least once throughout their lifetime. In 2010, an Idaho resident died every day as a result of a drug induced death that was caused by unlawful, prescription, or over the counter drug utilization. It is estimated that this has expanded to seven times what it used to be back in 2005, and the number continues to increase even now. Adults are starting to abuse prescription drugs in Idaho as well, and the result has been an increase in babies that are born going through withdrawal of some of these particular drugs.


Methamphetamine utilization is an issue that has tormented Idaho since the 1990s. As meth picked up the pace, so did the home meth lab. Individuals were making the drug in their homes utilizing home chemicals. That is no more the pattern. Meth is a real thing and a huge problem for everyone that gets involved in making it, selling it, and using it on a regular basis.

Meth is a standout amongst the most addictive drugs out there. The Idaho Meth Project says in 2008, individuals did not know the dangers of methamphetamine utilization and the dangers of living close to a meth lab. Many people did not realize how much of a problem that these meth houses were until they started getting busted and the health issues started cropping up. As time goes on, this will continue to help the state break free of the issues that have been going on with the meth industry in

The Idaho Meth Project gathered information that indicated how this has changed to a huge, unfaltering drop in the amount of meth house busts in Idaho. Meth is becoming more and more of a problem in Idaho, and it is even worse because it’s difficult to actually break free.

Teen Drug Abuse

Teen drug abuse has become an immense issue throughout the state of Idaho. In 2014, the numbers have become incredibly concerning to researchers and those who work with these youth. Roughly 10 percent of young people in Idaho utilized an unlawful drug during the previous month; 7 percent utilized marijuana, and 5 percent utilized an illegal drug other than marijuana. There were no noteworthy contrasts in unlawful drug use between youthful guys and females in Idaho.

The abuse of pain relievers among youth is additionally a significant health concern. In Idaho, 10,000 teenagers (about half male and half female) utilized pain relievers for an unintended use in the year before the research. This number continues to be on the rise as well, and more people are starting to see the effects on our youth as a result of this.

Alcohol abuse (which is, of course, illegal for those under the age of 21) is also a problem. About 21,000 utilized alcohol within the previous month, and about 14,000 of those students were binge drinking at least once. The numbers of males and females are a bit different here; with about 1% more males utilizing alcohol than females (17 percent males vs. 16 percent females). Of course, the question is here is how these students are actually getting the alcohol and what they are doing in order to make sure that they don’t get caught by law enforcement and such.

Thankfully, as the problem increases, more and more students are getting the help that they need as well. Youth substance abuse programs (both inpatient and outpatient) are becoming more common and the procedures that are being used with them are a lot more helpful for the students. Many students use substances are a way to deal with the problems that they are facing on a regular basis, so mental health services are also being expanded to help them deal with their problems in a more effective manner. Idaho is starting to lead the way in this sense, so even though the problems are becoming more prominent, they’re also starting to be dealt with more effectively and progress is being made.

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