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2015 Drug Trends in Idaho

2015 Drug Trends in Idaho

Drug use is a problem in all 50 states of the United States. However, each state faces different issues when it comes to understanding what drug is the biggest problem for the residents of that particular state. Different demographics, age groups and transportation methods mean different drugs are a problem for different states.

In some cases, there are officials who worry about the effects of smoking marijuana and the problems the use of that drug can cause in the state. For others, harder drugs like cocaine and heroin take precedence, as they cause more issues and more long-term health problems that can lead to death more quickly.

Marijuana is a serious issue in the state of Idaho. The problem has seemed to stay steady for a few years, neither showing a significant increase or decline in the use. Instead, residents seem to be holding to the pattern of use from year to year. Still, there are concerns beyond the use of marijuana throughout the state.

Prescription Drugs

The abuse of prescription drugs is a problem in many states, not only in Idaho. Prescription drugs include heavy medications that are prescribed for chronic pain conditions or other scenarios. The individuals who are prescribed these medications either end up needing more of their medication before they can refill a prescription, start looking for illegal drugs to help decrease the pain not touched by the prescriptions or opt to sell the medication in order to be able to buy food or have money for other necessities.

When considering the ways to beat drug addiction, it is important to be able to find an underlying cause and deal with that in order to be able to resolve the addiction issue without the concern that it will immediately come up again once rehab has been completed.

When it comes to prescription drug abuse, the symptoms may be less apparent and the consequences harder to determine unless you base them on the individual situation. However, the problem is no less serious and the drug abuser is in just as much need of help as those who prefer to use meth or cocaine.


While alcohol is a legal substance for all adults over the age of 21, the abuse of alcohol is a concern in many states. Alcohol has been found to be the cause of many injury-causing and fatal motor-vehicle accidents. It also has an effect on emotional health, financial well-being and the ability to maintain a productive lifestyle in serious cases.

Alcohol abuse is serious, like the abuse of illegal substances, and needs to be addressed quickly. Individuals who suffer from alcohol abuse will have long-lasting health issues and can lead to legal trouble if they are regularly drinking and driving. The ability to address alcohol abuse through a rehabilitation program typically hinges on the ability to find the underlying issues related to alcohol abuse and address those issues simultaneously. Once the program is finished and progress has been made, it is also important to change routines and hangouts at home as necessary to avoid the temptations related to alcohol abuse.

Teen Drug Use

Teenagers deal with a lot of stress and changes, big decisions and other factors that contribute to drug use. Perhaps if history class included a chapter like this on The Brief and Poorly Known History of Some of the Most Commonly Used Drugs, these issues might decrease. The likelihood, however, is that the abuse of prescription drugs, alcohol and illegal substances will continue as long as teenagers face the issues related to coming of age and deciding how to spend their adult lives.

Prescription drugs and marijuana seem to be the biggest issue for Idaho teens. That means addressing the ability to access prescription drugs various ways and also the problems that can arise from extended use of marijuana. Teenagers need guidance and incentive to move away from drug habits and toward the productive life they are meant to have. With this in mind, preventative measures to help them avoid the trials of drug use can be implemented at an early age. Otherwise, the issues will continue at the same rate as where they currently stand.

Teenagers are looking for acceptance from peers and also an escape from the issues they face regarding daily activity and the future. These only add to the appeal of illegal substances and their temporary escape from the current moment due to the drug. This keeps this trend of teenage drug abuse as a pertinent concern in many states throughout the US, particularly in Idaho.

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