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During the adolescent stage of life, millions of adolescents indulge in substance abuse in some way, resulting in behavioral changes, with prolonged exposure affecting healthy psychological and neurological development. According to a study conducted by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) the Office of Applied Studies, on adolescent males and females in Iowa for a period of one month, approximately 12.1 percent involved in binge drinking, 18.4 percent used alcohol, 9.6 percent used an illicit substance, 4.6 percent used an illicit substance other than marijuana, and 6.4 used marijuana. The report also showed that the rates of abuse or dependence were similar between both sexes, while the rates of alcohol dependence were seemingly higher among females when compared to males. Female adolescents were also found to be more likely to have experienced a major depressive episode. 4,000 males and 2,000 males required but did not receive treatment for drug problems too.

An important factor that can influence the decision of an adolescent to use or not use an illicit substance, tobacco, or alcohol, is the extent to which they believe or have an understanding of how harmful these substances are. If you are considering drug rehab or a loved one is recommending it for you, it is likely you need it. Our website carries contact details of the various Boone drug rehab centers with the different treatment programs briefly outlined.

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  • Address: 1332 South Marshal Street
  • City: Boone
  • State: IA
  • Zip Code: 50036
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