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2016 Drug Problems in Honolulu

2016 Drug Problems in Honolulu

Honolulu, known for its beaches and as a vacation hotspot, is also known for its dynamic international business, growing cuisine fan base and military defense. It is the principal city of the island state of Hawaii with an approximate population of 350,399 residents.

In 2012, there were a total of 4,406 rehab admissions on the island of Hawaii. That’s 0.46% of the population going into rehab.

Top Problematic Drugs in Honolulu



The majority of rehab admissions in Hololulu were the result of meth abuse. 34.7% of all rehab admissions in the city were the result of meth abuse.


Alcohol is a significant drug in any city of America and Honolulu is no different. 30.7% of all rehab admissions were linked to alcohol abuse with the majority of people entering rehab aged 18 – 25.


Grown and harvested widely on the island state, marijuana is just one of the problematic drugs that authorities have to deal with. A quarter of all drug admissions were related to marijuana. What makes marijuana an even bigger issue is that even medically prescribed marijuana can be abused by addicts.

Opiates & Synthetics

It is difficult to monitor how drugs arrive on the island of Hawaii because of its location. Opiates are mostly smuggled onto the island and into cities like Honolulu by boat. At the top of the list of opiates brought in is heroin. There are also other synthetically manufactured drugs that make up the rest of the shipments. Most drugs are brought in from Latin America and Spice, synthetic marijuana, from Asia.

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