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Holistic Healing for Recovery

Holistic Healing for Recovery

Holistic healing is an approach to medicine that seeks natural solutions to health issues. It is based on the idea of treating a whole person rather than just a disease, and it emphasizes balancing each piece of the puzzle: the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional elements of being well.

There are multiple forms of treatment that fall under the holistic healing umbrella: alternative medicine, complementary medicine, CAM, body-mind-spirit connectivity, energy therapy, intuitive healing, and esoteric care. 

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine includes any medical treatment that is outside the traditional Western medicine school of thought. It refers to Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbal care, and any other medicinal treatment that is non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical, but that has a direct effect on the symptoms demonstrated.

Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine is a holistic treatment approach that does not completely disregard the value of Western medicine. Instead, it works to combine alternative medicine and Western medicine to create a unified front against the disease present. Many cancer and MS patients as well as addicts find that by altering their diet, using herbal remedies, and continuing a more traditional, pharmaceutical course of treatment they are able to control their disease long-term.


Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) specialists are single medical practitioners who prescribe both Western and holistic medicines hand-in-hand. Complementary medicine seeks the same goal as CAM, but often involves two distinct treatment plans, overseen by two different medical professionals. CAM is a single-treatment program, overseen by a single practitioner.

Body-Mind-Spirit Connectivity

Body-mind-spirit connectivity focuses on the link between emotional experiences and physical health. It encourages a person's ability to heal their physical ailments by first focusing emotional, spiritual, or social flaws. This is particularly helpful in drug and alcohol addiction recovery, as addiction is a psychological as well as physical disease.

Energy Therapy

Energy therapy is based on the idea that we have an electric body that surrounds the physical. By getting in touch with the energy field surrounding the body, imbalances can be recognized and eliminated. By releasing the negative energies and restoring the positive energy around the body, physical pain, emotional imbalances, and mental struggles can be reduced.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healers lead an individual to tap into their own energy through mental exercise, the use of symbols and images, and emotional awareness.

Intuitive healing is similar to energy therapy in that it focuses on the energy that is connected to the body. However, this field is concerned less with physical manipulation and more with mentally accessing those energies. Intuitive healers lead an individual to tap into their own energy through mental exercise, the use of symbols and images, and emotional awareness. According to intuitive healing, those most intuitively connected to their energy field are innately able to control physical elements outside their body. They develop what is called, in layman's terms, a "sixth sense."

Esoteric Care

Esoteric care, sometimes called "spiritual reading therapy," is based on the theory that individuals often forget how to communicate with the spiritual self. An esoteric healer works to facilitate communication between the body and the spirit, delivering messages that have been “interrupted” and leading the body toward balance and peace.

Choosing Your Recovery

When it comes to addiction recovery, an all-encompassing treatment plan is imperative to develop. Holistic healing may be a beneficial element in this journey. Explore your options to find what best aligns with your unique physical and psychological needs.

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