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2015 Drug Trends in Hawaii

2015 Drug Trends in Hawaii

Sadly, the people of the state of Hawaii rank in the top 10 out of the 50 states in the US when it comes to drug addiction. Despite being an island, the residents have access to all illegal drugs via tourists and others who fly in regularly.

When it comes to Why Do People Use Drugs?, boredom and stress are significant factors. Despite its beauty, the state of Hawaii’s residents are no strangers to stress or boredom. Hence the continued use of illegal drugs, like Meth and Marijuana.

Alcohol is also a big problem in Hawaii. Despite the fact that alcohol is illegal, the abuse of the product means an issue for the user and the loved ones they spend time with on a regular basis. Therefore, it is considered in a category with illegal substances, as successful recovery from alcohol abuse typically needs to include a rehab visit of some kind.


The use of meth is a very serious decision that can dramatically affect various aspects of your life, from your friends to finances to your overall health. Withdrawal from meth can be difficult and all-consuming for the drug user.

There are numerous Types of Drug Rehab Treatments that can be found to help a drug user deal with a meth addiction. For each person, the approach recommended may be different. Finding a reliable rehab facility to help monitor the user and deter them from falling back into drug use is important especially with harder drugs like meth.

Meth users get pleasure from dopamine, a natural neurotransmitter that is produced in increased amounts when a person takes meth. The user can also build a tolerance to the drug, seeing less effect the more they use that amount, until they begin using more. This drug is one of the most addictive and most stimulating of the illegal drugs on the market.

Meth can be injected, ingested, smoked, snorted or even used via suppository. This makes it one of the more versatile drugs, which is not good considering its potency and its long-lasting effects on your body and mental health. While someone is on meth, increased sexual arousal, impaired speech, spasms, numbness, increased excitement, and excessive talking tend to occur.

Coming down from meth leads to depression and fatigue. Many users try to avoid coming down at all due to the strength of these feelings each time you stop feeling the effects of the drug.


Smoking Marijuana can be a way to relax for some people. They believe that they are not harming anyone, not even themselves, due to the relatively few consequences and health issues that go with using marijuana. However, marijuana is still an illegal substance and can cause problems, health issues, financial problems and other issues like other illegal narcotics.

People who smoke marijuana need to recognize the problem with their habit and make the concerted effort to stop using in order to find a more productive way of life. A trip to rehab can help a person realign their priorities and realize they are better off without the use of any illegal drugs.


Alcohol is a legal substance to use if you are age 21 or older. This makes it something that is easily accessed on the islands of Hawaii. For some, relaxing with a drink or two is not an issue. For others, the seriousness of their problem is not even noticed by them, yet loved ones and friends recognize their nightly drinking and continuous dependence on alcohol for what it is – a problem.

What Does it Take to Decide to Stop? Is a very good question for those who recognize a problem in their alcohol consumption habits.

A desire to change, a recognition of the problems that will continue or get worse if you continue with current alcohol consumption and the recognition of concern by loved ones over your behavior all will help you move in the right direction to resolve issues with alcohol or any illegal substances you use.

Rehab is a chance to remove yourself from the circumstances that led to abuse of your preferred drug in the first place. The change of scenery can result in a change in perspective and a more objective view of your life and the issues at hand. This and the regimented program that is required by rehab means a big difference to those needing to address addiction and overcome the issues related to it.

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