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Conquering Addiction with Tai Chi

Conquering Addiction with Tai Chi

Tai Chi is more than just a series of poses; it is done with the intent of reaching your own individual spirituality. For those who are currently suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, this may be a helpful step in reaching recovery.

Addiction is something that must be dealt with both physically and mentally in order for the individual to recover. While there are a variety of treatment programs that treat the physical symptoms of addiction through detoxification procedures and medically monitoring, many times recovery is fleeting, due to the fact that the individual is not completely in balance. Tai Chi is an excellent addition to any recovery program, as it helps the individual stay in the present moment while getting in touch with their spirituality. It is this process of connecting with a spiritual element is very important to the process of healing from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Tai Chi Basics

Tai Chi improves the health of the body as well as the emotional well being. The practice itself consists of flowing movements that form various poses, all while keeping a calm and fluid motion. Meditation takes place during the flow of activity as well, which is what makes Tai Chi perfect for individuals that are in recovery. During their practice, they can connect with their higher power while at the same time quietly meditating on anything that comes to mind.

This type of free flow meditation works well to help people feel grounded and centered. Continued practice of meditation can relieve anxiety as well as cravings, and since people in recovery tend to need something that they can depend on on a daily basis, Tai Chi is a positive activity that can replace their past addictive patterns. Additionally, the practice of Tai Chi also stimulates the lymph and circulatory systems, which naturally speeds up the body's healing process and helps to eliminate toxins from the body, aiding the individual in a natural form of detoxification.

Recovery Programs That Implement Tai Chi

There are a variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities that use Tai Chi practice as a part of their recovery program, as well as take a more holistic approach with their treatment methods. The first step of the program usually consists of a ten-day detoxification process where the patient naturally detoxifies under the supervision of a trained professional.

When the detoxification process is complete, the patient will move into the next phase of treatment, which is emotional recovery. Daily meditation, Tai Chi, and spiritual counseling will take place during this phase, so the patient can get to the bottom of their addiction and work their way through the process in a natural way. Holistic treatment programs focus on the whole person, and amazing recoveries can take place this way.

Take The First Step

If you are someone that is dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, and you have tried standard treatment programs only to find yourself in a vicious cycle of relapse, a holistic program may be just what you need. By focusing on your healing in a natural way and by participating in daily yoga and Tai Chi practices, you will learn how to truly treat your body like a temple and respect yourself on a whole new level.

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