You Don’t Need to be on Suboxone Long-Term

November 14th, 2011

Suboxone is capable of helping addicts detox from opiates. It does not need to be a long term maintenance program to be effective. If fact short term use gives a greater chance of true freedom from addiction.


Hexagonal Stepping Stone to Freedom

Use it to your advantage.


Suboxone is the newest major opiate withdrawl prescription. Doctors advise the drug be taken as a maintenance treatment. Long term use however is not necessary. Patients can rapidly detox off opiates using “Subs” as a stepping stone into true freedom from chemicals.

Suboxone works through the chemicals buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is an opiate. The buprenorphine bonds stronger than all other opiates to the brain receptors, but doesn’t produce as strong of a noticeable effect or high.

The opiate receptor bonding effect is why doctors say that Suboxone cuts down cravings for other opiates. (Many patients still try and get high while taking it.) Often they do not explain that it still blocks the patient from their emotions like when they were taking other opiates.

True recovery from addiction requires more than just physical abstinence. Emotional healing from the drugs cannot come fully while the patient is still numbed.

Buprenorphine treatment gives the illusion of sobriety. Suboxone is a great tool to moderate the physical withdrawal from heroin or prescription opiates, but taken over a long period the patient will become dependant on the withdrawal medication. Most long term patients see the drug as their new master. Through continued use the patient’s life will get better because they are not endangering themselves to get high, but they will still be outside of normal human emotional function.

Suboxone is designed for detox: the pills themselves have indications of where to cut them into haves for reduced dosage (image above.) A Suboxone assisted opiate detox can be achieved in as little as a week and most defiantly does not need to exceed 6 weeks. Don’t expect it to be painless. Suboxone can lead you to a free life if you let it. Most doctors see it as a miracle pill, but it has dangerous costs accompanying its benefits. Nothing comes for free. Advocate for your own recovery if you choose Suboxone and tell your doctor that you plan to detox in a set period of time.

Find 12 step meetings, sober living, or other sober support so you can connect with other addicts who know what you’re going through and who can help you navigate your detox. They will also help you fight the cravings for opiates that all addicts are bound to have during and after a detox.

If others have done it you can too. Good Luck!

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