Top 10 Drug and Addiction Related Sites

March 14th, 2011

Welcome to AllTreatment’s Top 10 addiction and drug blogs of 2010!  We’ve been scouring the web, looking for frequently updated web sites and blogs with the most information, with the best stories, with the greatest help toward bringing you one step closer to recovery.  Rather than sticking with just recovery blogs, we decided to branch out and run the gambit of site related to drugs, alcohol and addiction.  We cover sites which focus on the science, the politics, the stories, and yes the addiction and recovery.  So be sure to check out some of the best resources the web has to offer, and then check back in with us while we continue to keep you up to date with our own take on recovery, interviews with experts and articles on what’s happening in the world of addiction, drugs, and recovery.

The Top 10 Addiction Blogs –

  • #1: Drug Monkey
    • Ran by an NIH-funded research scientist, this blog provides a wealth of frequently-updated posts about the current research and legal issues behind substance abuse. Followers of this well-organized blog will be rewarded with a steady flow of updates on NIH issues as well as up-to-date addiction research information.
  • #2: Addiction Inbox
    • The blog of Dirk Hanson, the writer of the book “The Chemical Carousel”.  Frequently updated articles on health studies about drugs, addiction and alcoholism, with a bit of well thought out opinion to round out the bunch.  A highly recommended blog for those who are looking for new drug trends, drug facts, and other interesting information on drugs.
  • #3: The Last Chance Texaco
    • The creator of this blog started posting in his early recovery days at a treatment center. Now, four years sober (and counting), Chris M. continues to share his thoughts on the daily struggles and rewards of living as a recovered crystal meth addict. His posts are engaging, insightful, and eloquently written.
  • #4: Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Help
    • A great resource for anyone searching for online recovery resources, filled with articles, Q&A’s, information on 12 step programs, and more.  Their goal is to “provide you with the knowledge you need to understand, treat, and successfully recover from alcoholism or drug addiction”.
  • #5: Memoirs of a Heroin Head
  • #6: Drug WarRant
    • A blog run by Pete Guither, who describes himself as and unapologetic advocate of ending prohibition as it exists today.  This blog focuses on current drug policy, giving up to date information and thought provoking opinion.  Stay informed on what is happening politically in the world of drugs.
  • #7: Mexico’s Drug War
    • The drug war in Mexico is a major topic in today’s news, but many people remain uninformed about the important details that surround the issue. Sylvia Longmire’s enlightening blog aims to increase awareness of the political and societal aspects that are contributing to this ongoing string of drug trafficking violence.
  • #8: The Discovering Alcoholic
    • Sober since the fall of ‘94, this blog is run by a man who is proud of his recovery and who would like to encourage others to share this confidence, or guide them to help.
  • #9: Breaking the Cycles
    • Informative and insightful drug and alcohol addiction posts can be found here, written by Lisa Fredriksen, author of multiple addiction-related texts.
  • #10: Diary of a Mad Overeater
    • Focusing on a growing addiction, this blog addresses compulsive and addictive eating habits, as well as offers support to others struggling from addictive over eating.

Honorable Mentions –

  • Honorable Mention #1: Recovery Thoughts From Chitowngreg
    • A positive blog full of daily encouragement for recovering addicts as well as their friends and family members.
  • Honorable Mention #2:  Recovery Arts Blog
    • A blog focusing on recovery related music, visual art, and poetry.  A unique and compelling way of tackling addiction.
  • Honorable Mention #3: Improve Our Conscious Contact
    • Those involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and other such programs will find reassurance in this blog, which focuses on the spiritual aspect of recovery.

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