Seattle Times Calls for the Legalization of Marijuana in WA

February 21st, 2011

The Seattle Times has called for the legalization of marijuana in the latest Sunday Paper.  They site Washington States early adoption of modern marijuana laws, calling each one a “leap of faith” and claiming that each time it was worked saying, “In 1998, Washington was one of the earliest to vote for medical marijuana. It was a leap of faith, and the right decision.”  They go on to say, “It is time for the next step. It is a leap, yes — but not such a big one, now.”

They go on to site the costs of current Marijuana laws and the benefits of legalization.  “revenues that for this state might be on the order of $300 million a year…This state’s experience with medical marijuana and Seattle’s tolerance policy suggest that with cannabis, legalization will work — and surprisingly well.”

Be sure to check out the whole article here.

S. Cody Barrus

Managing Editor

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