San Francisco vs. The Happy Meal

November 5th, 2010

San Francisco has voted with a veto-proof margin to prevent McDonald’s to serve Happy Meals. This measure makes San Francisco the first bit city to ban fast food restaurants from giving a free toy with meals that have a high level of calories and fat. Instead, the ordinance is requiring the fast food restaurants to give fruits and vegetables with all meals for kids that come with toys.

One of the supervisors cited a need for “food justice,” citing the high levels of childhood obesity across the country. The ban will begin December 2011.

Only McDonald’s is targeted in this ordinance, but this is the point as they are the face of what the organization of supervisors are aiming to take down. They are hoping that it would lead the fast-food giant to provide more healthy food for kids, and prevent illnesses like diabetes and heart problems in the future of these children.

McDonald’s as a response called the city’s step “misguided,” claiming it is the parents’ responsibility, not the government’s, to make their own decision on these matters.

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