Obama to visit Central America to provide support, encouragement in Drug War

March 22nd, 2011

As we have noted many times on AllTreatment, The Mexican Drug War is not only devastating Mexico and Central American countries, but it is at a virtual standstill. President Barack Obama is currently planning to visit El Salvador later this week to give a talk on poverty and security, in order to give words of encouragement and empowerment for a country that has been devastated by the Drug War.

El Salvador, one of the three countries included in the so-called “Northern Triangle” along with Honduras and Guatemala, is one of the countries exploited by the Mexican Drug Cartels due to its open borders and abundance of gang members. The Cartels utilize these aspects in order to transport their massive drug shipments to the United States and to launder their potential cash profits.

An estimated 50 percent of the cartels’ drugs are transported through Central America on their way to the United States, especially due to Mexico cracking down security on its borders.

The leaders of the three “Northern Triangle” countries have appealed to the United States to provide resources that could aid their struggle, from night-vision goggles and military training, in order to deal with the impending threat the drug cartels provide. The three countries are also appealing to each other to form an alliance and share resources amongst themselves to assist in the fight. Obama himself has begun provided some of the United States’ militarymen to aid in security.

Brandon Yu, Senior Managing Editor

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