Montana Considering Medical Marijuana Repeal

February 11th, 2011

Roughly eighteen states in the country have laws advocating medical marijuana, but that number may be seeing a decrease. Today, Montana’s Republican-led House of Representatives approved a measure to fully repeal the law on medical marijuana. The repeal bill, carried by Speaker of the House Mike Milburn,was mostly voted along party lines 63-37. The bill requires one more procedural vote in the House before it is moved on to the State Senate’ where it is expected to face higher opposition.

Part of the reason for the measure was the belief that use of the marijuana has grown beyond what was originally envisioned. Milburn cited the marijuana law to a surplus of the drug, attracting criminals and trafficking that has moved into several of the state’s institutions and beyond their borders. Milburn also claimed that the medical marijuana law is “starting to undermine the entire fabric of our state,” and that it was time for a stronger medical marijuana law.

House Democrats argued that it was not the state’s position to repeal a voter-approved initiative. They also stated that the increased use of the drug was the fault of a legislature that did not create any regulation laws. A better alternative, they believe, would be to create higher regulations of the industry and to allow the voters to choose each decision.

Several towns and cities in Montana have already banned or closed medical marijuana businesses. This is mostly due to fear of jurisdiction regulations as well as not knowing if they would meet city codes.

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