Mexicans protest against Calderon and the drug war

May 10th, 2011

According to articles by the LA Times, the Mexican people are increasingly fed up with the violence that rages within their country.  On May 8, the times reported to protest of “tens of thousands of demonstrators […] call[ing] for an end to the country’s unrelenting drug violence.”

The protest called for an end of President Felipe Calderon’s military led war against the violent Mexican Drug Cartels, which claims more than 34,000 deaths, most of which were the result of fighting between rival cartels for the control of prime routs to transport drugs to the U.S.

Despite the deaths and the public outcry, Calderon has showed no intention of changing tactics, claiming that it would be irresponsible to withdraw the military occupation.

However, in the days following the protests, which an estimated 90,000 people took part in, Calderon has offered to talk to the leaders of the march.  “We can agree or disagree,” said Calderon, “Of course that doesn’t exclude the possibility and the responsibility to dialogue, to listen to each other and understand each other.”

While Calderon has been in favor of the military led war on drugs, which has now lasted 4 and 1/2 years, the march leaders call for a focus on the safety of civilians, to “battle corruption, impunity and money-laundering; and address social ills,” according to another LA Times article.

Amidst the protest and discussions, the violence rages on undeterred  On Monday, 11 bodies were found near a series of similar graves where over 168 bodies have been uncovered to date, including 6 severed human heads.

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