Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana Addiction

May 2nd, 2016

The ways to ingest marijuana into your body. Most of the time, marijuana is ingested into the body via smoking. This can be completed using joints, cigar wraps, vaporizers or pipes. A vaporizer causes the ingredients in marijuana to evaporate without burning. This produces a stronger ‘high’ than some of the other ingestion processes. There are also many custom and homemade devices that can be made and used to smoke marijuana.

Besides smoking, it is also possible to ingest marijuana by taking it orally. Marijuana has been turned into a liquid form, or sometimes an oil or butter, and then ingested. When consumed this way, the effect of heroin can last for some time, but it will take longer (as in a couple of hours) for it to occur.

In contrast to this, when marijuana is either smoked or vaporized the effects from it will occur almost immediately, but they won’t last near as long as when it is ingested orally. It is possible to die from an overdose of marijuana, although it is far less likely in comparison to several other drugs.

The most common substance that is present in marijuana is cannabinoids. They play a role in the control of movement and memory in the brain via the brain’s binding receptors. They can also lead to muscle relaxation and moderation of pain. Medically, they can be used to treat pain by affecting the pain’s transmission and intermingling with the endogenous opioids system in the brain as well.

The toxicity of THC in marijuana is extremely low, and usually no matter how much is ingested into the body, there is no threat to the point of death. The molecules of THC will be detectable in drug tests for up to ten days, but in more extreme users, it can be up to three months after ingesting the last dose of marijuana.