High School Group – "You’ll be just fine…"

February 28th, 2011

According to an article from the Helena IR, High school students in Helena, Montana want to make sure their peers are aware that not everyone smokes pot.  In fact, if you don’t do drug, you might fit in more than you think.

The student run group Mentoring Teens Against Drugs at Helena High calls more than 100 students members of the organization.  Says sophomore Allie Keleti of Capital High, which also hosts MTAD, “You don’t have to do pot in school as a teenager.  There are many more people who aren’t doing it…you’ll be just fine.”

According to the students, the idea that the majority of high school students are using drugs or drinking alcohol simply is not true.  Yes it is an issue, but students who feel they are alone in their abstinence can find solidarity in the group.

Sara Cooley, of Helena High, says, “It’s encouraging for me to know that so many kids aren’t [using or drinking].”

For more information, HelenaIR article here.

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