Five Weird Addictions You Need to Know About

February 24th, 2012

Addictions aren’t just about drugs and alcohol. We have compiled a list of five unique addictions that are out of the box, but potentially just as dangerous. Many of these addictions go undiagnosed, so recognizing them may be the first step to getting help.

Cosmetic Surgery Addiction: They say beauty is more than skin deep. That might be true, but some still feel the need to compulsively make constant plastic adjustments to their body. Those with cosmetic surgery addiction will often see minor or even imagined physical flaws in themselves, and this compels them to go under the knife time and time again. Too many plastic surgeries, though, and you could end up becoming your own real life Barbie–but no word yet if the jeep is included.


Love Addiction: Addicted to love? Yes, it can happen. Love addicts are characterized by a chronic need/desire to have a romantic relationship. This means that love can be a drug, and addicts abuse and misuse it as much as any other type of addict would with their drug of choice. While Mr. Lennon has said that “all you need is love,” addicts may need to sing a different tune to recover.



Exercise Addiction: In a society where most would rather sit on the couch and crunch potato chips than do sit-ups and crunches, an addiction to exercise may sound appealing to many. But while many people could benefit from spending a bit more time at the gym, exercise addicts take it too far, exercising for hours a day while disregarding friends, family and personal responsibility. Yes indeed, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.



Internet Addiction: Finally, an addiction for nerds. Okay, it’s not just for nerds, anyone can get addicted to being online. Internet addicts will spend most or all of their day online, and often times forget about the real world. While some have argued that the addiction is simply a symptom of bigger problems, there’s no denying that spending all of your time online can ruin your life. Well, at least the life outside of your World of Warcraft one.


Tanning Addiction: When you’re more orange than a Halloween pumpkin, you may be addicted to tanning. Addicts typically love the sensation that tanning gives them, which includes a “high” that one gets from abusing any type of drug. Additionally, some suffer from body image issues, which includes a feeling that their skin is too light. Ultimately, this addiction is not fan-tan-stic.

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