Energy/Alcoholic "Cocktail" Banned from College.

October 15th, 2010

After an incredible raucous start of the school year that resulted in 23 hospitalizations for alcohol intoxication, New Jersey school Ramapo College has made the decision to ban caffeinated alcoholic beverages. These drinks, such as Four Loko, Sparks, or Joose, comes in 23.5-ounce cans and has an alcoholic content of 12 percent – which is equal to the content of four beers.

These drinks are only sold in liquor stores in New Jersey, but it is sold in convenience stores in neighboring states, where clerks may not be as uptight in checking identification for underage drinkers. These caffeine-fueled alcoholic drinks are incredibly cheap – about $2.50 a piece – and are incredibly popular for teenagers.


Four Loko, which has been recently introduced to New Jersey, was noted as the source for some of the incidents at Ramapo College, and three juveniles were found with the drink in a local High School.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration is evaluating the safety of Four Loko, which some have called “blackout in a can.” Others are calling for stricter regulation for alcoholic licensing.

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