Drugs and Their Effects – Cannabinoids (Marijuana)

April 1st, 2011

Pot LeafKnown commonly by names such as weed, pot, chronic, and others, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drugs in the US.
Effects include a sense of euphoria and changes in sensory perception, though these are considered largely subjective.  Physical effects include an increase in heart rate, decrease in blood pressure, and impaired short term memory.

Currently, marijuana is a controversial political topic, as it is being accepted by some as a legal form of medication, while critics maintain that it should remain entirely illegal even for medical purposes.

Taking a bold step towards marijuana legalization, WA state is considering legalizing marijuana for recreational use with house bill 1550, which would permit the sale of the drug to adults in liquor stores (learn more here).

Marijuana is most commonly smoked using any number of devices, ranging from simple pipe, to elaborate bongs, hookahs, and vapourisers.  It can also be eaten, but this method of consumption is less common.