Colorado Considering Marijuana DUI law

April 4th, 2011

Everyone knows what a DUI is – if you are caught driving recklessly, and your blood is above your state’s blood-alcohol limit, then you are put in jail, sentenced in court, and the three letters that represent “Driving Under the Influence” will forever be on your record. It is a measurement of safety for your fellow drivers, and to lower the chances of accidents from drivers influenced by alcohol.

Influenced by alcohol. Though state legislatures across the country wish to protect the streets from intoxicated drivers, every state’s rule is only exclusive to drinking.

Colorado may be the first to test these uncharted waters. Legislators of the state are creating a measure that would establish five nanograms or more of THC, which is marijuana’s psychoactive element, as the minimum amount of marijuana detected in the blood to qualify as “under the influence.”

The bill was passed in the state House of Representatives on March 23rd. On March 25th, it was introduced in the state Senate where it was subsequently referred to the Judiciary Committee.

Brandon Yu, Senior Managing Editor

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