Christie Quinn Frees the Skeletons in Her Closet

Christie Quinn Frees the Skeletons in Her Closet

May 15th, 2013

New York City Council Speaker and Mayoral Democratic candidate Christie Quinn has opened up to the public and revealed her past battles with bulimia and alcoholism.

As the first openly gay person to be running for New York City Mayor, Quinn is extraordinarily brave. She is a shining example of a person who rebuilt themselves and rose above a position of dependence to a position of leadership and example. Quinn told the Times that the reason she came forth about this skeleton in her closet is because, “I just want people to know you can get through stuff. I hope people can see that in what my life has been and where it is going.”

Quinn began binge eating and purging in the eighth grade upon learning her mother had cancer. She would sit in her room, binge on ice cream, and then throw it up. Bulimia and alcohol would become the way that she would deal with the stress of her mother’s cancer and the pressure of being her caretaker. Quinn’s mother died when she was 16 years old.

Bulimia and alcoholism would accompany Quinn all the way through high school and college. She got the help she desperately needed in August of 1992. Those 28 days in rehab made all of the difference in her life. When Quinn spoke to the Times, she said that rehab “put me on a path to letting go of the blame and the responsibility for the fact that my mother’s life didn’t work out how she had wanted it to — that she had gotten sick.”

Christie Quinn is a survivor. She realized that getting help wasn’t defeat, it was victory. She reclaimed control of her life and rather than hiding her past, she puts it on display to show the people of New York City what she’s made of. In her interview with the Times, she said, “I want to be affirmatively proud of what I have made my way through.”

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-Josh Gordon, Editor