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2016 Drug Trends in Bakersfield

2016 Drug Trends in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is the ninth largest city in California. The city has a steady growing population of 375,000 residents. The city attracts a diverse crowd of people every year seeking work in its varied industries which range from mining, food processing, energy extraction, petroleum refining and manufacturing.

In 2012, there were a total of 1,917 rehab admissions in the Bakersfield Area. This represents a total of 0.23% of the total population. Although, this number seems quite high, there were fewer people checking into rehab in 2012 than in 2007. The rate of rehab admissions in Bakersfield in the year 2011 to 2012 went down by 5.5%.

Top 5 Problematic Drugs in Bakersfield


Close to half of all drug admissions in 2012, 49.9%, were people seeking treatment for meth abuse. Meth is a large problem in the city, propagated by gangs and cartels that run a wide drug network in the city.


Since the legalization of medical marijuana, residents have had greater access to the substance. 19.3% of all rehab admissions in 2012 were related to marijuana. Marijuana is among the most readily available drugs on the streets of Bakersfield.


It’s no surprise that alcohol is on this list, considering that it is the top cause of teenage deaths in Bakersfield. A significant proportion of people (12.1%) entered rehab seeking alcohol treatment in 2012.


Heroin and its associated opiates claimed 11.6% of all admissions entering rehab. The highly addictive white powder has been keeping law enforcement agents busy in the city.

Crack cocaine

Whether it is powdered form or the rock-like version, crack is among the top drugs bought in Bakersfield claiming 2.7% of all drug rehab admissions.

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