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2016 Drug Trends in Aurora, CO

2016 Drug Trends in Aurora, CO

The city of Aurora, Colorado is home to 325,078 people. Nicknamed the Gateway to the Rockies, this beautiful city is not only picturesque, it has amazing outdoor activities. However, it is also beset by drug abuse issues that have quickly turned into an epidemic.

Aurora’s Drug Problems


Meth possession arrests in Aurora have been steadily rising since 2010. In 2010, there were just under 100 people arrested for possession. While that figure went down marginally in 2011, it rose in 2012 to near 140 arrests, and in 2013 to around 200 arrests. In 2014, there were a reported near 240 meth-related drug arrests.

Treatment centers have been at full capacities, such as Arapahoe House, admitting a record 15,000 people in 2015 alone.


The drug network in Aurora is run in part by Hispanic gangs which include the notorious Sureños 13. Gangs such as these have been known to transport and oversee the entire redistribution and selling of heroin in Aurora. Heroin addiction has been linked to violent crimes in the city that include carjacking, homicide and home invasions. Half a gram of heroin will set you back $40, and a full gram is twice the amount at $80.


In a recent survey carried out in 2015 and reported by the Denver Post, 38.5% of young adults in the state of Colorado are regular marijuana users. The city of Aurora has similarly high numbers of young people abusing marijuana. Usually addicts smoke marijuana with a combination of other drugs, making an often time lethal complex that has led to the death of several people over the years.

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