Best Blogs of 2012

Best Blogs of 2012

AllTreatment is proud to announce the winners of 2012’s Best Blogs roundup! These are blogs that we feel contribute to a better understanding of addiction and have hereby received our stamp of approval. We encourage you to take a look at all of the winners, as each offers distinct perspectives and unique insights. Congratulations to our winners of 2012!

Academic Blog

Dr. Stanton Peele has been investigating, thinking, and writing about addiction since 1969. Outwardly against 12-step programs, the disease model of addiction, and the war on drugs, Peele has redefined how we talk about addiction. Through his blog, he continues to provide insight into alcoholism, psychology, living in America, and the addictiveness of love.

Community Blog

Dad On Fire is a blog started by a Tucson dad, “inspired by my children and family members who struggled with substance abuse and depression. It is also inspired by my own use of alcohol and drugs as a young adult and subsequent recovery in 1990.” Now, DOF is a user-submission-based forum and community brought together by the latest addiction news, trends, and resources.

Diet Blog

Maintained by a core group of registered dieticians and fitness experts, Diet Blog is an excellent source of the hottest diet news and advice. Their site strikes the perfect balance between informative and entertaining with articles both serious and silly, yet always within the realm of the dieting world. Diet Blog is an excellent introduction to a healthy lifestyle.

Family Blog

From a single mother of two, Ziggy’s Blog takes a hard look at some teen trends and offers advice for parents. Binge drinking, smoking, pill-popping, and “legal” drugs, are just some of the topics Laura addresses, many of which she has experienced firsthand in her own family. A great blog for parents who need help identifying and confronting substance abuse in their family.

Parenting Blog

"I help parents transform their relationships with their children, drawing on my Psychology Ph.D., the latest scientific research, my spiritual insights, and my mom-in-the-trenches experience." -Dr. Laura Markham
Laura Markham is extremely dedicated to connecting with her readers: she answers questions on her blog, writes for numerous parenting websites, and Skypes with parents in need of advice. This year, she released a book that helps parents to better understand their own emotions—and get them in check—so they can parent with healthy limits, empathy, and clear communication to raise a self-disciplined child.

Self-Improvement Blog

Gretchen Rubin, a New York Times bestselling author, has made what some of us deem a weekend or freetime venture, the pursuit of happiness, into a fully realized never-ending goal. Gretchen uses a blend of theory, practicality, and a great deal of wisdom to help her readers find their own happiness, wherever it may be hiding.

Sobriety Blog

Crying Out Now is a warm, inviting, and deeply personal blog that is run by a former alcoholic, Ellie, who is now a sober wife and mother of two. CON features user submitted letters detailing their struggles and triumphs over their own addictions, as well as editorial features by Ellie. Much of the heart of CON happens in its comment sections where you will find a community of readers who are just as passionate, caring, and welcoming as Ellie.