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The US Department of Health and Human Services, SAMHSA, offers reports through the Office of Applied Studies, on adolescent addictions to drugs and alcohol as well as prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. The recent reports from Wisconsin, including Madison, WI, show that more than 15,000 adolescent males and 12,000 adolescent females needed treatment for drug problems, but had not received it. In addition, adolescent females were more likely to have experienced an MDE or a major depressive episode, when compared to adolescent males, with 14.5% of females against 4.7% males.

If you know someone who is in need of drug addiction treatment, our directory listings can offer him or her some of the best centers located near you at Madison, WI, and in other parts of the state. The centers that we list will initially offer a detox program, which will last as long as the withdrawal symptoms last in the person. The program will continue till the person is stabilized both mentally and physically. The person will be able to face the withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment with medical professionals and staff helping him or her through the process and this is then followed by therapy and counseling sessions.
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